We couldn't pass by our major partner – in-made.ru project. Moreover, it would be disrespectful not to write a separate page for him.

The matter is that the team of in-made.ru project highly professional creators, optimizers and advertisers has assisted us in designing an excellent informational web-site orkestrov.net. Today they active help us in putting forward our band in the Internet.

Within few weeks we have reached the place in top-10 request base with the following tags:

«band for an event», «to book band», «band for a wedding», «band for funerals», etc.

In the near future we will definitely find ourselves in high-frequency requests:

«musicians for an event», «musicians for a wedding», «musicians for office party», «musicians for an anniversary», «musicians for a banquet», etc.

We would like also to thank wed-designer Alexey Shitik for the creation of a such usable design of our web-site. And of course we would like also to thank programmers Alexey Volkovsky and Mickle Maltzev for their patience and work on our project.

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