Field kitchen + military orchestra = unforgettable holiday

23 March 2015 1:45

You want to feed the guests or participants of the event devoted to May 9 tasty and cheap? You will be helped by the real field kitchen, which can be ordered by anyone!

Wind band by mail is the best gift at the slightest pretext

23 March 2015 1:21

People who do not love music, probably, don't exist in general. However, everybody has very different preferences: one with ecstasy listens to opera, another likes jazz, the third – marches or military music. This list can be continued indefinitely. Unfortunately, in Russia and around the world there is a huge number of small towns and settlements where it is almost impossible to listen to so-called live music.

You are in need for the VIP-gift to newlyweds? It is necessary to order a brass band for a wedding!

11 February 2015 12:56

The brass band for a wedding celebration is invariably presentable and extremely solemn.

Live band for events with gusto

11 February 2015 12:37

Вы все еще думаете, что заказать оркестр на торжественное открытие магазина, бутика или салона красоты – это скучно и несовременно? Спешим вас разубедить!

Down the main street with a band

4 February 2015 1:02

Our calling is always to be in the limelight! Music of «Moscow fanfares» is the music of mass actions, multiple thousands meetings and processions! If you want your parade, meeting or festive demonstration to be noticed, invite us; the professional street band will attract eyes, will make everybody stand still and forget for a while about everything, directing towards bewitching sounds!

Live band for effective advertising!

4 February 2015 0:50

Band for an event is necessary for those who want to announce loudly about dizzy discounts in the shop, to increase traffic, to hold presentation, sale, draw, lottery and to increase consumer activity.

Live music is a source of romantic and great mood

4 February 2015 0:34

When you hear incomparable sounds that are born by the real musical instruments, you realize that music can be much more beautifully and more emotionally, than we got used to hear it. Any tune, which is listened thousands of times in record, will sound absolutely differently if it is played a la carte by a band special for you.

Anniversary of the company in style of «Moscow Fanfares»

22 January 2015 15:57

The wind band «Moscow Fanfares» is ready to turn anniversary of your company to a real holiday – that very day when dreams come true. Every our performance is perfected by years of rehearsals and tours.

The Moscow fanfares at the opening of venues: to be in the limelight!

22 January 2015 15:45

The organization of opening is such a fascinating business, challenging and extremely responsible. Understanding it, we suggest you ordering disciplined skilled and very talented musicians. 



Life-size puppets band

19 January 2015 21:41

Life-size puppets, that can be ordered for a holiday, turn to be something more than ordinary puppets.


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