Santa Claus band

Have you ever celebrated New Year accompanied by the band of Santa Clauses, when each of them is qualitied to fulfill your wishes on this unforgettable holiday? When not, then get in touch with «Moscow fanfares», because not much time has left to the major celebration of the year. Professional musicians for corporate parties are like hot cakes in great demand.  

Ordinary Miracle

What’s the difference between the band of Santa Clauses and an ordinary wind band? The former is specially created to fill your celebration with real magic. New Year and Christmas melody combined with beloved Russian and occidental variety hit songs as well as ever-being movie hits will fill your party with ingenuous smiles and sparkling enjoyment. Moreover, all your ideas about wind music will fall down after you have seen musicians who will easily make your group join in a song or dance.

Careless Holiday  

If you already forget the way, how happy the New Year can be or, vice versa, you know inside and out abandoned hilarity, the “Moscow fanfares” are ready to insure the right atmosphere and expectancy of miracle. In addition we would like to mention that you can feel free about the issue of finding necessary equipment or additional receptacles, because real-life music playing by real-life tools does not need any auxiliary effects. Only one thing that we need to cheer you up is your attention!

Just make a call

Extremely gifted and very nice Santa Clauses – is a true fairy tale for adults and children. Make it a present for yourself on New Year's Eve!


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