Down the main street with a band

Our calling is always to be in the limelight! Music of «Moscow fanfares» is the music of mass actions, multiple thousands meetings and processions! If you want your parade, meeting or festive demonstration to be noticed, invite us; the professional street band will attract eyes, will make everybody stand still and forget for a while about everything, directing towards bewitching sounds!

For unforgettable events

We make any event smartish and solemn, giving it movement and spectacularity. For this purpose «Moscow fanfares» have everything: gifted musicians, good instruments and excellent musical repertoire. Giving various music, including national anthems and marches, waltzes and a tango, “our” and foreign hits, patriotic and children’s songs, we invariably find the grateful listener and the viewer. We will help you to give action positive energy. And it’s you who decide what repertoire should be used for this purpose (classical or modern). Certainly, we won’t leave you without professional advice, having proposed a great many interesting solutions.

Invariably in the fashion

Since Peter the Great carried out a number of the transformations concerning participation of wind bands in the mass actions, masquerades, assemblies, holidays devoted to victories of the Russian weapon, festivities in the Summer garden, dramatized processions and all funs couldn’t be held without our predecessors, military musicians, any more. Melodies in their execution became fashionable and the most desired in the society. In those days the order of musicians for decoration of the events was considered as the fanfare, martial and dance music as an indispensable condition of their recognition. And we are happy that we can fully share with you brightness, beauty, originality and identity of our profession, presenting you with indelible impressions of communication with the beautiful!


Band on the street will become a headliner of your action, fascinating its participants with military discipline, peculiar sounding of the instruments, delightful rhythms and melodies exciting high and strong feelings. Let hearts stand still in a presentiment of special and important events with the first beat of a drum. We will not leave our listeners indifferent, and it means that success of your parade, meeting, demonstration, procession or march is guaranteed!

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