Music bands for anniversary.

“Moscow fanfares”: give a present of music to the hero of the day.

What can surprise the man of the hour? You can buy up all flowers in the city, order a magnificent chocolate fondue or a certificate for owning a star, but the best present is soul-stirring music played by the true musicians.


Neither nasty weather nor power cut interfere with band’s performance as musicians are dependent on nothing. All we need is musical instruments and audience, that is you. And we try to make you happy and to inspire you with our energy, artistry and show.


Our band has march past, glamorous waltz, crazy jazz melodies and retro on our list of productions. We know everything about music and we are ready to share our knowledge with you. If you want us perform in unusual costume, we will. We are always for experiments and surprises. Our only award is your smile.

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