Music bands for celebrations.

Moscow Fanfare: for the most warm-hearted celebration.

One musician is a good thing, two – excellent, and the whole band – awesome! Breathe life into the celebration, inviting Moscow Fanfare wind band! Our young, handsome and gifted guys will decorate any event with themselves and will surprise your guests. The tight-knit music band playing and singing anything to your soul will create the necessary atmosphere, lighten your mood, have a way with all audience and force them into dancing.


Our repertoire is boundless because music is our passion. We can please you with martial music and waltzes, blues and jazz, popular tunes in recognizable adaptation, pop hits and different versions of folk tunes. How strong are we? From seven to fifty people, but the more – the better!

corporate  IMPRESSION

Musicians play standing still and in motion, they have not got any peers on the street and on a scene, in huge concert halls and small cafes. Moreover, to make an impressive show they don’t need any sophisticated equipment or a technical rider. Everything that is necessary for high-quality work, the wind band will bring along and will not demand that you should give them an extra socket or an extension bar.

wedding  MAGIC

Do you need a music band on a wedding? The Moscow Fanfares will make this magic day even more touching and romantic. Newlyweds love us because we are true, lively and peculiar. We draw universal attention with harmonious sound of pipes and flutes and we join together all guests, therefore the wind band always remains at popularity peak, without conceding even the most advanced, but after all, sad and heartless computer technologies, soundtracks and DJs. Live music tugs at heartstrings of each person. And no matter whether it is an elderly military man, a young couple or a red-cheeked peanut. As soon as the first chords sound, everything will become clear without words!

gustative  HARMONY

Moreover, our band can put on any uniform for a celebration, anniversary or other event. According to your desire, The Moscow Fanfare will disguise themselves as handsome military man, James Bonds, Santa Clauses or gallant hussars. Our guys can impress you not only with ideal hearing, but also with keen sense of humor, therefore it’s only a pleasure to cooperate with us.

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