Official celebration band: refresh your celebration

Performance of a wind band is an integral part of every great holiday concert, commemoration parade, City Day, military –patriotic event or any other prominent event. This is an indispensable part of any ceremonial, but for which victory is not a victory, epulation is not an epulation, joy is not joy.

Get into Celebration

The musicians fill the atmosphere around you with sparkling mood creating a special entourage that’s why the melody played by the “Moscow fanfares” makes the audience stand still expecting a great event. The band shapes the event itself, its character and festival atmosphere besotting by the ceremonial solemnity. Feel of inspiration will be subtilized and you keep it till the end of the celebration.

Underlining the Status

Our gifted and experienced musicians are competent in their major task – to underline the high status of the event, as they are permanent participants of valued public events of the city, region and the whole country. Are they managed to accomplish missions? Absolutely, they are. If you haven’t seen the “Moscow fanfares” in business process but you consider about the ordering a band performance for your celebration, it will be enough to see the video or to listen to the melody in our official web-site. And now you can multiply the effect received in many times because we will play for you in real life.

Choose the best

All the time the “Moscow fanfares” adore their work and hate any kinds of fraud. It is a great honor for us to become a part of your celebration and our mission is to make it a unique one as well as unforgettable and heartwarming. Entrust your event to the team of real virtuosos and great fans of their work to make your party shine and blaze and let your guests realize how much loved they are!

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