Life-size puppets band

«Moscow fanfares» for unforgettable impressions. 

Life-size puppets, that can be ordered for a holiday, turn to be something more than ordinary puppets. These are tremendous, colorful, floppy, cheerful beings, that entertain children and adults with their amusing pretentious floridity and extravagance. You all are supposed to have seen many times what effect they have on young public and how free they take off their feet. Till up to the present; life-size puppets could only move, speak, dance and sing, but now we represent you something absolute unique – real life-size puppets band!

New shape of a talent 

Currently, «Moscow fanfares» dress during their performances not only dinner-jackets, uniform, or fur coats of Father Frosts, but also dresses of famous fairy tales or cartoons heroes. At the same time our musicians are notable for so high professionalism, that can simultaneously operate  a life-size puppet (not worse than regular entertainers) and play musical instruments. Is this not a talent?

Сhild’s happiness. 

Let’s multiply staginess, that shares cheerful characters with one their presence at the holiday, and amazing melody playing, familiar to every child, who gets superb show! One can hardly get bored on a child event, that’s member is a fairy tale band, because our group is ready to create and entertain perfect atmosphere of amusement, friendship and fantastic pleasure from the whole event.

Unforgettable emotions

By the way, we were the first among wind bands , that put on life-size puppets . We couldn’t even imagine that this offer of «Moscow fanfares»  would become popular not only between children but also between adults.

Assisted by us, our clients entertain their guests on corporate evening parties, make declarations of love to their other halves and make shopping malls and showroom openings unforgettable. Now it is safe to say that everyone can order a performance of life-size puppets. But not everyone can invite fairy tale heroes band – only those that are good judges of entertainment and attention drawing.

«Moscow fanfares»   enliven any party and will be the best friends of your friends your friends and your business!

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