Live band for events with gusto

You still think that ordering a band for ceremonial opening of shop, boutique or beauty salon is boring and unmodern? We hurry to dissuade you! Those, whose memorable events were never decorated by professional musicians for a holiday, must reconsider their opinion and convince that there is nothing better, than wind band a la carte.


Nowadays skillful musicians for an office party in show business are justly considered as one of the most fashionable trends! Want to draw attention of audience, to lighten mood of the guests and to leave pleasant memories in heart of each visitor? Everything that it is necessary to do is to order a military orchestra.

Will you agree that the decision is rather creative, because not long ago musicians for an anniversary were not widely popular and were easily replaced with the DJ having difficult equipment. Fortunately, these times are behind as in the century of high technologies all natural and live received a rebirth! For this reason the band a la carte with its inexhaustible energy, the richest repertoire and a variety of scenic suits represents the most optimum option that is suitable practically for any event today.

tastes VARIETY

The band «Moscow Fanfares» can act in any dress code. On the New Year Eve the magnificent band of Fathers Frost is especially popular with our customers. Besides, our performers can appear before your guests in a military uniform and execute traditional marches and waltzes or variety popular tunes. In this case you and our band will cope at once with several important tasks: you will draw attention to an event, make it mass, make pleasant impression on public, having presented it live music performed by real masters.


The band for a B-day party will create rather warm atmosphere, giving you classical, folk, pop or jazz music. As you can see, the repertoire which the band is capable to please you with, is very wide and various. You should not worry about the selection of compositions: public will accept each of them enthusiastically. We are completely sure that everyone who visits a celebration will be delighted with your decision to engage a band into a wedding. Thus, our musicians are ready not only to amuse your audience, but also to empathize it. Reviving the tradition, invite a band to a funeral.

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