Live band for effective advertising!

Band for an event is necessary for those who want to announce loudly about dizzy discounts in the shop, to increase traffic, to hold presentation, sale, draw, lottery and to increase consumer activity. Who can draw attention better, than musicians for a holiday giving familiar tunes? We will help you to increase sales run and to advertise your brand, having coped easily with a problem of audience attraction to a key object. Our gifted musicians will present you with live music, which inevitably touch the hearts of both senior generation, and youth.

unflagging CHOICE

Having decided to order a band, you provide an event of paramount importance for you with magnificent music, as all our musicians for an office party are capable to give any tune! If you doubt that band execution will be relevant to your holiday, visit «Moscow Fanfares» portfolio is the brightest confirmation of our brass band to be ready to grant any wish.


What is a band for a holiday necessary for? First, to create the necessary atmosphere. Believe, our orchestra on a B-day party will be heard far outside the place of its carrying out! Thus our musicians don’t need complicated technique systems for strengthening the sound; everything that is necessary for performance we will bring along, also capturing good mood, inexhaustible energy, keen sense of humor and if it is required, special costumes. For example, if you celebrate New Year, you should invite a band of Fathers Frost by all means!

Secondly, to establish easily a contact with an audience and to adjust it on a positive wave. Your presentation will become much more cheerful with us, as we invariably know how to please the public. Our musicians pass easily from one melody to another, being guided by mood of listeners, therefore, our band isn’t invited to a wedding less, than to children’s holidays.

irretrievable SUCCESS

Nowadays a great many people mean to order a military orchestra, as it is extremely prestigious. There is no large holidays which are held without a band of skillful musicians capable to give to public their talent and cheerfulness. We will become for you prop and stay in mournful days, too, therefore, you can invite our orchestra to a funeral. In any day of your life band a la carte will become a guarantee of your event success.

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