You are in need for the VIP-gift to newlyweds? It is necessary to order a brass band for a wedding!

The brass band for a wedding celebration is invariably presentable and extremely solemn. Thus the wedding finds not only music, but also the opportunity to allocate brightly and emphasize the most solemn moments of action. And Mendelssohn march which is given by solid and respectable musicians on a wedding, sounds impressively.

why «Moscow Fanfares»?

A huge advantage which can make you order an orchestra for a wedding, is the mobility of musicians and their instruments. So, the wind band which doesn’t demand any additional installations can follow newlyweds almost continuously. And it means that all wedding, any ceremony and even the most usual action will be held in maintenance of live music.

The wind band which accompanies the process of wedding in the registry office, can be quickly relocated and meet newlyweds at the exit to prolong the solemn moment during which the main words in life of a young family were said.

Then the same band will be the first who arrive and meet young spouses at the doors of the house or restaurant. To the sounds of its bewitching music parents will give newly married a wedding loaf. The band on a wedding will be also irreplaceable when the guests start congratulating the newlyweds, presenting them with gifts, and then taking seats. The light music serving as a background for all these obligatory actions will create the festive atmosphere and will adjust the guests for a solemn feast.

The band music before each new toast will also sound pertinently. The gentle and beautiful tune will create the corresponding mood, will force guests into listening to the person giving the toast and will adjust them on the necessary harmony.

But the waltz for the newlyweds will be the most important melody which will give wind band on a wedding, of course. Fantastic music as a veil, will cover dancing people, will transfer them from the real world and will allow telling the words intended only to each other.

the rules of the ORDER

To make music pertinent and to coincide it with requirements of parents and newly married, when ordering wind band on a wedding, it is recommended to coordinate repertoire with musicians, to pick up the best melodies, classical works or the hits of the western performers. Practically each band a la carte has a great many works to give: from retro to modern dancing melodies.

Before ordering a band, it is necessary to get prepared properly for reception of the musicians, to decide on their placement and to pay them the corresponding attention. First of all, it is necessary to give a place where the musicians will be, to ask someone from relatives to meet them, and after a celebration to carry out them.

The musicians should feel comfortable, then their performance will go with all the heart. For this purpose it is necessary to think over the schedule of alternation of game and rest of the band. As a rule, the orchestra a la carte plays at a wedding does small pauses twice an hour.

The band is recommended to be order beforehand as the majority of bands take many orders in advance and there is a possibility to be late with the order. It is impossible to keep musicians waiting for payment or to make them remind of it. It is necessary to pay the band right after the end of performance.

the best GIFT

A brass band for a wedding is a really valuable present for newlyweds which will make the day of their family creation unique. The well picked up repertoire will be able to please all guests without any exception. As wind band music is pertinent everywhere and invariably! No matter how high the modern technologies were in music, they would never replace live sounding of wind band which is capable to create the real holiday and to get a response in soul of each person.

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