Live music is a source of romantic and great mood

When you hear incomparable sounds that are born by the real musical instruments, you realize that music can be much more beautifully and more emotionally, than we got used to hear it. Any tune, which is listened thousands of times in record, will sound absolutely differently if it is played a la carte by a band special for you.


Today if you mean to create an unforgettable festive evening for your darling, it isn’t obligatory to choose an expensive restaurant. Why not to cover a lay a little table for two persons in a garden, not to hang out small lamps and not to order a band which will create the unique atmosphere on your appointment with its music? And what is it possible to compare to the time spent with your soulmate on a roof under the stellar sky where it is possible to dance endlessly to favourite melodies which will be played greatly by wind band a la carte?

solemn STATUS

It is pleasant to notice that many creative cafes and restaurants often give parties with live music. It becomes cozier immediately, the evening gets a shade of a pleasant retro, and visitors spend time there with great pleasure. Moreover, the ordered band changes at once its status and mood of the audience.

Band for a birthday or talented musicians for an  anniversary who will be able  to play sincerely all favourite tunes and songs of the B-day man, will be  a tremendous surprise for him, and the holiday will be never forgotten. The musicians invited by a man’s half of collective to an office party in honor of the International Women’s Day  will touch the hearts of ladies by all means as all women love romantic so much. The evening in honour of a man’s or state patriotic holiday, the Defender or the Victory Day will be absolutely different if you invite a military orchestra to it. The music given by it is capable to express firmness, and courage, and valor of real men, it awakens pride and reminds of heroism.

fantastic FAIRY SHOW

It is impossible to forget about the most romantic and exciting day in life of everyone – the wedding day. Today the tradition to accompany all celebration with live music renews. Band on a wedding turns all this day into a grandiose celebration, into a fantastic fairy show, creating special mood for guests and newlyweds.

And certainly, New year is a holiday which one can’t imagine without Father Frost, gifts and traditional, familiar songs. And when everything becomes such a single unit as a fancy-dress band of Fathers Frosts, and the impetuous fun comes round and there are not any indifferent people or those who is not dancing !

Musicians for a holiday (the first appointment of two lovers and desire of making impression) will fill this event with that live and fine music. Every musical instrument speaks its language and expresses all sincerity of feelings.

Do you want the most romantic evening? The band «Moscow Fanfares» will help with its realization!

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