Field kitchen

Field kitchen is a certain chapter of world culinary history. Having no outstanding delicacy of taste and variety in food, it was in olden times of more importance, than the best modern restaurant nowadays. Remembering it, we decided to offer you an absolute outstanding service – setting up a field kitchen for your corporate event, mass holiday, meeting, etc.

Field kitchen: more than hundred years old.

Field kitchen dates back to the Russian-Japan war, when its inventor Colonel Turganovich first tested it. According to the patent paper of 1904 it was called «field kitchen fire pot» and «utility transportable fire pot». Many foreign attaché became interested in this invention, and by the beginning of the WW1 each army was equipped with field kitchen.

Field kitchen used to be more than a means of messing assistance in war time. It gathered soldiers in their rare time of rest, and they enjoyed meal as well as communication. Field kitchen concentrated peace around itself, while cannons hammered away everywhere.

Nowadays field kitchen is used for messing assistance in military bases as well as in distant objects and marches. You can also rent a field kitchen. It is extremely useful and convenient for events in the open air. It moves with small wheels or it can be carried on the lorry. It usually has 1-4 pots. Moreover, you can also order a big tent-mess, which you even can use for wedding-day!

The best surprise for your guests.

Our goal is to create unusual and fancy event. We also make them feel like a satisfied soldier, having a good meal at field kitchen. We give a great opportunity to have a good time in the open air. Our cooks are so experienced in cooking military dishes (varied soups, pap mixed with chunked meat, tea, stewed fruit and other hot drinks and do on)and organizing field messing.

To make it more realistic, there is also a GAS-66 that carries field kitchen at its destination.we also can put up a mil tent with tables and chairs. We served the tables with suitable plates and table-wear. That’s how we make you feel real field conditions.

Field kitchen becomes high-demand during such issue-related events like the Victory’s day, the Defender’s day, the City’s day, Maslenitsa festival, varied markets and festivals. Moreover it succeeds in organizing staff parties, meeting with friends, birthdays and other ceremonies. It will surprise your guest, spice everything up and complete your rest with tasteful military meal!

Field kitchen + military band = unforgettable holiday

If you are going to treat your guests or participants of the event dedicated to the 9th of May to tasty and at the same time inexpensive meal, you are sure to order a field kitchen, which is procurable for everyone!

All you have to do is to make a call us and we will bring to you everything necessary to ensure the coordinated work of the “battle” crew and please you with stunningly delicious hot meal. The taste and odor of the food are incomparable – titular chefs of the best capital restaurants cannot be compared with our experienced cooks! Even the most ordinary tea brewed on the fire becomes richer and it feels like you are drinking a nectar!

To feel this special atmosphere deeper, we advise you to order a military band for the event. Our professional highly-experienced musicians are the best in performing for different audience. You will be definitely pleased with our songs and marches of the wartime – the most heartfelt and most touching songs, which will never be forgotten.

Field Kitchen KP-2-48: odor and taste of your holiday!

If you are going to arrange a mass picnic, we advise you to rent the ideal “pot” for it – a field kitchen. Having this magnificent equipment, you will easily “concoct” any of the soldiers’ meal, which is extremely nourishing, delicious and flavored. It is also good for cooking “civil” food, such as rice, potatoes or even stew soup with calamar .

Flavored food, cooked with KP-2-48, is enough for all those who attend your event: corporate sally or a great celebration on military theme. Your guests will enjoy to try dishes that will be professionally cooked at their presence. You will never cook anything like that at home!


The KP-130 Field kitchen for a holiday is a very convenient, compact enough and flexible trailer with four pots and an oven, which expend the range of dishes. Moreover you can cook several dishes at the same time.

If you want to rent a field kitchen, choose a KP-130. It will guaranty you a lot of hot food in any weather, mouthwatering flavors, unforgettable taste, a special atmosphere and high spirits for all the noisy get-together!

KP-125 Field Kitchen: plenty, delicious, festively!

What is “catering” in military language? This is an opportunity to have a good meal in the open-air, during a great celebration dedicated to, for example, May 9. You can enjoy yourself with amazing porridge, nourishing soup and fragrant hot tea. What should you do? Just order a field kitchen KP-125 with two pots for the food and decide on the solderlike menu!

Organize military solemnity at a lavish scale and do not even expect that your guests will run for seconds – there will be enough food for everyone! You are sure to get maximum exhaust at minimum investments, with each man, who served in army, remembers his youth, and women and children will get a wonderful opportunity to touch the unknown military atmosphere and gain great experience. Believe me, your soldierlike food cooked with qualitative equipment, will make your holiday unforgettable.

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