Summit sport tops with the band accompaniment

It is known for many centuries that a real-life music played by skillful musicians uplifts martial ardor setting up for mission or work. That’s why our band the “Moscow fanfares” is always a desired guest in different sport events.

Vivifying energy

Highly professional musicians will present you not only a great number of beloved songs made in distinctive version but also vivifying energy! People are hurry up towards the event as soon as they have even heard glamorous sounds of a trumpet, flute together with the other instruments becoming one single ensemble! An ordered real-life band is always a great event!

Making up your mind to invite our band you place stake on a noisy, happy and amiable show despite the character of the celebration: whether it will be a touching wedding ceremony or opening of a new shop. It is quite enough to book a military orchestra and every viewer will certainly smile, tap their feet and rush for dancing! That is the reason why the “Moscow fanfares” become so often the witnesses of sincere pleasure. The band gets a great pleasure along provoking the people for emotions and realizing that our work is not a work but admiration!

Essential accompaniment

You can invite the band for your wedding ceremony and then the musicians who does not need any technical requirements in no time will make your guests dance themselves to exhaustion. And during the New Year office party the Ded Morozes bsnd will provide each step of the party with the music background.

In our repertoire you can find military and combat music, waltzes, tango, variety hit songs, modern hits as well as funeral marches. Our band is able to dress up every event. We also participate in sport events. Is it possible to imagine the opening ceremonies of sport facilities, city relay races and giving the medals without correspondent music background?

Inevitable success

You need only to order a performance of  the band, because our musicians will choose melody themselves depending on the football match or opening championship discussing it with you in advance. The musicians take into account all your wishes and provide you with any sort of musical background: from the hymn of the Russian Federation to the festive flourish of trumpets.

You haven’t decided yet to invite our band to a birthday or alumnus party or to a sport event or not? Make you choice and we became indispensible for you!

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