Anniversary of the company in style of «Moscow Fanfares»

In life of every company there are take-off situations and falling against which anniversary, birthday or simply corporate March 8 party  or New Year are the ways to sum up the work results, to allocate and award the most successful employees, to become solid team and once again to show the force.

Long-awaited HOLIDAY

The corporate celebration is waited by everyone, from the ordinary clerk to the chief of the enterprise, as it is an opportunity to feel oneself as part of one big family and even as if you were a hero of the anniversary, the hero of the occasion. For this reason it is very important that the people united by one purpose this day were only met  by smiles, gifts, pleasant speeches, praises and, of course, amazing music performed by professional musicians.

delightful FAIRY SHOW

The wind band «Moscow Fanfares» is ready to turn anniversary of your company to a real holiday – that very day when dreams come true. Every our performance is perfected by years of rehearsals and tours. It is a fairy show of live sound which captures spirit, and feet proper break into a dance. It is impossible to resist the music, which is given by our musicians on an office party, their charm and sincere admiration of their calling!

paramount EVENT

It is our orchestra that is capable to suit a drastic celebration of your company’s anniversary on which one popular tune will be replaced by another – all of them are recognizable and lovely, as we suggest our clients defining the repertoire of our performance independently.

If your challenge is to achieve the solidity of your team through informal communication, to increase overall performance and to set an impulse for the further growth of the firm, present to your subordinates live music by «Moscow Fanfares»!

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