The Moscow fanfares at the opening of venues: to be in the limelight!

Our life is continuously changing and recreating. The cities are growing and developing, and almost daily they represent new venues causing a keen interest not only of mass media, but also of simple inhabitants. Thus the ceremonial opening of monuments, parks, bridges and other interesting city objects must create an enormous agiotage at witnesses and brand. Those who cope with this task best of all are professional musicians for a holiday The Moscow Fanfares.

Responsible CHOISE

The organization of opening is such a fascinating business, challenging and extremely responsible. Understanding it, we suggest you ordering disciplined skilled and very talented musicians. Special for you and your audience our  cohesive orchestra will give you tunes of any genre, no matter whether they are military, sports or nursery songs, the Russian or foreign pop hits, jazz or folk tunes in modern processing.

Keep everything to hand

Giving live music, we don’t need bulky equipment, powerful acoustic system and amplifiers – everything necessary for our work (our tools), we will bring along. Besides, we can execute your wishes concerning concert suits, having appeared at opening of your venue in tuxedos, military, navy or hussar uniform, and also in suits of Fathers Frost.

Fascinating MOOD

As you can see, wind band «Moscow Fanfares» is the best decision for your celebration. Our musicians are invariably in good mood as they do a favorite business, give people a holiday and sincere smiles. If you want the opening of a monument, park, bridge or any other venue to go off with a bang, invite our orchestra – we will help you to announce loudly about an important event, having made it bright and unforgettable

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