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  • Victory
    Military Uniform
  • Special Naval
    Special Navy Uniform
  • Hussars
    Special Hussars Uniform
  • Special Style
    Double-breasted combined tunic + bowler
  • Tuxedos
    Tuxedo, butterfly, patent leather shoes
  • Winter
    Winter uniform
  • New Year
    Costumes of Santa Claus and other fairy-tale heroes

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The best friends of every holiday event are musicians.

After reading this article, you will understand why the performance of the wind band «Moscow fanfares» is worth being ordered for your holiday event.

Who are we?

We are a honoured team of creative people, who are said to be keen as mustard. No matter what holiday event we take part in, they are as merry as a grig.

Why are we the best to be chosen?

The reason is that our band includes only professional musicians, young and handsome guys. Furthermore, we provide customer-centered and nuanced approach. This is our faith. Depending on the holiday event massiveness, 7-120-piece band can play for you. Therewith, we are NEVER late and have respect for our promises.